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Education Resilience of Children and Empowerment of Women

Help us save human dignity; we are counting on your humanity…


What we do

Paradox Foundation works in North Kivu implementing activities aimed at promoting the educational resilience of children and the empowerment of women in North Kivu.

It is since the year 2018 that PARADOX Foundation has intensified its actions to meet these humanitarian needs as best it can by carrying out activities within the framework of the promotion of educational resilience and the fight against gender-based violence.

Contribute to the promotion of the development of the orphan child, destitute, women victims of sexual violence and those based on gender, in order to reintegrate them into society for their social, moral, cultural and economic development in the areas of health of (BENI, RUTSHURU, NYIRAGONGO, GOMA, KARISIMBI, KIROTSHE, MASISI).

Strengthen the material, technical and organizational capacities for the care of orphaned and most destitute children, aiming at educational promotion and prevention of risks linked to malnutrition in our charity houses.

picture of orphanage


‘Mathieu M’

For supervision of 350 children at a rate of 50 children per health zones, it’s not an easy challenge for us although this does not represent the minimum possible and often we do not reach our annual objectives for lack of means, thanks to the donation but also to contributions, collections of clothes, donations from certain benefactors we try to survive despite our difficulties.
What we will have collected we educate some of these children, we find food for these children and clothes and medical care. As in the year of 2020 alone in the charity house of MUGUNGA counted more than 138 orphaned and destitute children.

picture of girls

“In the end, I have a family! “

‘Liliane 16 years old’

We offer what is in our power, victim of sexual abuse, trauma of war, of rejection addiction. We are faced with a need requiring holistic care for these victims. But as our means are crippled, the best that we can do we do it, starting with psychological and medical care, legal and socio-economic reintegration according to the means.

picture of ladies

“Old yes, but skillful for teach “

‘Lucia 67 years old’

Teaching certain trades to the many young girls is a colossal task which requires not only material means but also financial means.
On the one hand we are obliged to call on external voluntary speakers to teach notions of entrepreneurship, but to give technical notions on sewing cutting, basketwork or shoemaking and other trades such as braids we benefit support for a group of elderly women, who teach young girl mothers their notions of the trades aimed at enabling them to take charge of themselves but also to provide advice and maintain a
climate of peace in our houses of charity.

picture of boy

“I speak like a city child too”

‘Immaculate 7 years’

Immaculate is one of our children who benefits from a scholarship, intelligent and diligent; she was still self-conscious and felt worthless in front of other children who knew how to calculate, read and write, but above all how to speak French. For her, it was something reserved for children who have parents and who have a lot of money. After her first year, she told a supervisor her secret in this term: I feel happy to speak like a child of the city too.


Upon initial assessments results prove that…


of boys end up in drug addiction or armed groups due to lack of education.


gender-based violence is perpetrated by men.


of girls in distress are abused by their foster families or a family member.


of people from 3 years of age are neglected and victim of false accusations (witchcraft…).

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